State-of-the-Art Mobile Harbor Cranes Fully Operational at Port Lafito

Liebherr LHM 420 Mobile Harbor Cranes Call Port Lafito Home

MIAMI, June 24, 2015 – GB Group, today announced that Port Lafito, a world-class modern container port, welcomed the arrival of two new Liebherr LHM 420 mobile harbor cranes that are now fully operational. The cranes are the key equipment to achieve the highest efficiency and are the first of their kind in the Caribbean.

The Liebherr cranes were selected by Port Lafito due to their great efficiency, being able to make more than 30 moves per hour. In addition, the cranes are powered by diesel fuel and are equipped with remote wireless monitoring of systems status, key statistics and alerts which will allow port operators to keep each crane functioning at its highest capacity. The cranes boast an array of industry-leading characteristics:

Hoisting Heights

Above quay at minimum radius of 44 m
Above quay at maximum radius of 29 m
Below quay level at an approximate radius of 14 m
Working Speeds

Hoisting/lowering equal to 0-120 m/min.
Slewing equal to 0-1.6 rmp.
Luffing equal to 0-85 m/min
Traveling equal to 0-5 km/h.

In addition to the cranes’ impressive specifications, Liebherr has established a comprehensive training program with virtual simulators in Miami, Fla., which equips crane operators with the necessary skillset to operate each crane effectively and safely.

“There was no compromise made when selecting the cranes we would use to develop this critical infrastructure project,” said Reuven Bigio, CEO of GB Group. “In our effort to bring Haiti to the forefront of modern logistics, we want nothing but the best and most efficient equipment for Port Lafito.”

“Liebherr Maritime Cranes is proud to be a part of the new Port Lafito. We support this innovative project and know that these two cranes reinforce the high demand for this particular model type for Caribbean and Central American cargo,” said Markus Wittwer, area manager for Liebherr Maritime Cranes, Americas.


About GB Group
GB Group is a leading, diversified group of industrial and trading companies in the Caribbean, with operations concentrated in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and St. Maarten and offices in the United States. Comprised of 22 companies from 9 different divisions including agriculture, construction, consumer goods, energy, finance, infrastructure, logistics, media and trading, GB Group collaborates with more than 4,000 employees and embraces managers from more than 15 countries companywide. GB Group and its operating companies have strategic alliances and/or partnerships with some the world’s top business organizations. The company’s current endeavors include the $80 million Port Lafito project, which is Haiti’s first Panamax port.

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