Port Lafito Haiti’s Panamax Port: Now a reality!

GB Group had the vision to develop a modern economic zone to enhance the Haitian economy.

Out of this vision, the first step is Port Lafito; Haiti’s Panamax port.

Due to the strategic alliance with SSA Marine / Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) Port Lafito will be the most efficient port utilizing the latest heavy equipment and software solutions available for port and terminal management.

Port Lafito is the centerpiece of a unique industrial and residential area that will aid in the creation of thousands of jobs and bring additional regional competitiveness to Haiti as a whole.

To accompany this vision, the Haitian Government, financial institutions from the Haitian public and private sectors along with the most important International Development Agencies in the world have partnered with GB Group to provide the necessary financial means to complete this game-changing project.

Their support is a testimony that they share the same vision as GB Group and are committed to tackling the long-term challenges that will bring sustainable growth opportunities for all Haitians.


It is with sincere gratitude that we wish to thank each one of them, their representatives and their management teams, for their trust and support.  

Together with them and you, our customers and partners, we will elevate Haiti’s role as a key center of trade and commerce in the Caribbean in the years to come.


Gilbert Bigio 


Reuven Bigio



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Haiti's Panamax Port

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