Port layout

Terminal Area Information

Port Lafito  is being developed as a state art facility in regards to container and product tracking.  Accordingly, the site will have almost 100% WIFI coverage which is utilized for cargo management (SSA’s proprietary program: Tideworks), security and communications.

  • Port Maintenance: The port has a 19 meter by 30-meter maintenance building to handle container chassis and port handling equipment
  • Port Administration: The administration building is a 750 square meter, architecturally striking facility. The design is focused on 3 floors of repurposed high cube shipping containers with plenty of window area and separate offices.  This building includes security, port administration and operations as well as customs personel.
  • Entrance / Exit: Port Lafito is configured with independent entry and exit roads to keep congestion due to truck breakdowns low and to prevent accidents caused by high volume. Once at the gates, there are 2 types of gate lanes: a standard 15’ wide lane and a 30′ wide load lane, each with a manned security checkpoint and lift arm. The guard checkpoints include stations that are 6 feet high for maximum security and unobstructed vision.

Port Side Information

Port Lafito is designed to be a Panamax capable shipping terminal – 1 of only 8 deep water  ports in the Caribbean – with the following characteristics:

  • Draft: 11 meter design draft.  The basin surrounding Port Lafito averages over 25 meters of depth and there are no hazards to navigation on the incoming route.
  • Operational Area: 130,000 square of secured area are dedicated to cargo handling, storage and ship unloading.
  • Quay Wall: Constructed with steel sheet walls and multiple layers of internal ties.  Port Lafito has been designed and constructed to international standards having contemplated for seismic survivability.
  • Dock: height is approximately 3.3 meters above mean sea level.

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