Portside Equipment


The single most important component of the port – our cargo handling operations – are centered around 2 new Liebherr LHM 420 mobile harbor cranes.  These 2 cranes will be the first Liebherr 420’s in the Caribbean and were selected for the following characteristics:

Capacity: 124 MT maximum load capacity with 35.8MT load capacity on the hook at
48 meters radius.

Efficiency: Typical production for these cranes is in excess of 30 moves per hour.

Fuel efficiency: These units are diesel powered and extremely efficient.

Maintenance: Remote wireless monitoring of systems status, key statistics, and alerts allow our team to keep crane uptime at the highest levels.  In addition, Liebherr has a significant spare parts inventory located close-by in Miami.

Training: Liebherr has established a complete training program with virtual simulator in Miami which helps ensure qualified operators and the highest levels of productivity.

Hoisting Heights

  • Above quay at minimum radius of 44 m
  • Above quay at maximum radius of 29 m
  • Below quay level at an approximate radius of 14 m

Working Speeds 

  • Hoisting/lowering equal to 0-120 m/min.
  • Slewing equal to 0-1.6 rmp.
  • Luffing equal to 0-85 m/min
  • Traveling equal to 0-5 km/h.

Terminal Handling Equipment

2 Liebherr mobile cranes of 124t lifting capacity
4 Top loaders (5 high)
3 Reach stackers (5 high)
2 Forklifts (25 and 35T)
10 Combos (Port Terminal trailers)
300 Dedicated chassis
37 Dedicated trucks
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