Strategic alliances have made PORT LAFITO a reality.

Operating Partners

“Port Lafito is the most efficient port utilizing the latest heavy equipment and software solutions available for port and terminal management.” – Gilbert Bigio

Tideworks. Port Lafito operating partner



Tideworks Technology® Inc.,  is a full-service provider of comprehensive terminal management and planning software solutions. With 40 years of experience as the technology division of a leading international terminal operating company, their highly experienced team of technology professionals are terminal operations industry insiders. This history, coupled with their diverse installation experience that includes terminals of all sizes, cargo mixes and operational strategies, truly enables them to achieve operational excellence.

Tideworks’ container terminal management solutions help maximize productivity with tools like real-time inventory management, flexible workflow tools and instantaneous communication with customers and partners.

Autorite Portuaire Nationale. Port Lafito operating partner.


Autorite Portuaire Nationale

The National Port Authority (APN) is a stand-alone commercial agency, holding civil personality under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its essential mission is to provide port services to ships, shipping agents and other users of the ports of Haiti. The National Port Authority, follows the indications, recommendations and guidelines of the Board of Directors and, at the diligence of the Directorate General, manages and administers all the ports and all the port facilities of the Republic. It determines, coordinates and controls their schedules of activities, and decides on all issues relating to the management and the operation of these ports

The APN has jurisdiction to develop, maintain, operate and direct the public port facilities of the country; provide security services in the various port areas under its jurisdiction; establish, revise and strengthen, if necessary, the terms and procedures for the efficient and profitable management of all the ports; establish the prices, rights, rates and regulations for all the ports including the docks managed by private companies; define the terms and conditions for the leasing of land in the area under its jurisdiction; organize the coastal commerce over the entire national territory; coordinate with other relevant State bodies all the measures deemed conducive to the access and to the port activities and seek, as needed, the technical, scientific and financial cooperation of other organizations.

Founding Partners

The Haitian Government. A Port Lafito founding partnerFDI. A Port Lafito funding partnerBanque Nationale de Credit. A Port Lafito funding partnerIFC. A Port Lafito funding partnerFMO. A Port Lafito funding partnerCapital Bank. A Port Lafito funding partnerNassa. A Port Lafito funding partner

Port Lafito is the centerpiece of a unique industrial and residential area that will aid in the creation of thousands of jobs and bring additional regional competitiveness to Haiti as a whole.

To accompany this vision, the Haitian Government, financial institutions from the Haitian public and private sectors along with the most important International Development Agencies in the world have partnered with GB Group to provide the necessary financial means to complete this game-changing project.

Their support is a testimony that they share the same vision as GB Group and are committed to tackling the long-term challenges that will bring sustainable growth opportunities for all Haitians.

It is with sincere gratitude that we wish to thank each one of them, their representatives and their management teams, for their trust and support.

Together with them and you, our customers and partners, we will elevate Haiti’s role as a key center of trade and commerce in the Caribbean in the years to come.

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