Management Team


Reginald Sassine

Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Sassine brings 45 years of managerial experience to Port Lafito as Chief Operating Officer. Part of his expertise includes successfully implementing the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy and improved efficiency levels in various organizations ranging from transportation and subcontracting factories to consumer goods industries & private renowned enterprises.

Mr. Sassine joined the GB Group in 2006 via Telecom Solutions and was tasked with implementing the necessary logistics to lead this company through its successful launch. Later on, Mr. Sassine moved to establish Key Performance Indicators at Huileries Haitiennes S.A. (one of Haiti’s largest consumer goods companies) which helped monitor and professionalize an already impressive sale force.

Mr. Sassine’s keen discernment and expertise will prove invaluable to Port Lafito’s daily operations.

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