Management Team


Jean M. G. Scott

Technical Department Director


Mr. Scott’s love affair with the mechanical world began in 1953 at the ripe age of 15 when he would work with his father (a mechanic) and brother (an industrial mining engineer) during his summer breaks. Only 3 years after having finished high school, young Jean was offered a very lucrative position in one of the biggest industrial textile mills in Haiti.

Extraordinary skills, ease in understanding and an unrelenting learning aptitude appealed to foreign engineers and experts who trained Mr. Scott personally and through multiple training sessions in Diesel engine mechanics, soldering, welding, electricity, tools, parts design and fabrication (among others).

By 1994, Mr. Scott had expanded his knowledge establishing himself as a second-to-none expert in Ship Terminal equipment repair, maintenance and management including but not limited to: container handling equipment, trucks, canes and reefer plugs.

Today, Mr. Scott is an integral part of Port Lafito constantly demonstrating great stamina and eagerness to participate in any task at hand.

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